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Dangerous Drug Interactions Uncovered with Data Science

New study links common pair of drugs to increased risk for fatal heart condition Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center and the Data Science Institute at Columbia University have uncovered a potentially dangerous drug interaction using data science. Their findings were published in the latest issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology… […]

What’s Driving Data Science Salaries Now

Interested in getting a higher salary in your job as a data scientist? (Who doesn’t?) According to a recent survey, there’s a strong correlation between higher salaries and working with Spark, Python, and Unix, and spending long hours coding and building models, and also sitting in lots of meetings… Read more

Inside the life of a data scientist | #DataFirst

Data science is a new field in the world of big data, but already the signs point toward great things for this young discipline. More so than ever before, data is the lifeblood of business, and those who can draw value from that data are seeing a great demand for their talents. To gain some […]

Ever hear of Bayesian analysis? It just landed this company $6.6M

SigOpt Inc. works in a data analytics discipline that is so specialized that few people outside of the data science field can even understand it, much less explain it. That hasn’t stopped the eight-person venture from raising a $6.6 million series A funding round led by blue-chip Silicon Valley venture capitalist Andreessen Horowitz for its […]

Garbage in, garbage out: Canada’s big data problem

In a recent article in the Toronto Star, Paul Wells lays out what he sees as Prime Minister Trudeau’s game plan for slowing Canada’s brain drain and making science pay. “Over the next year,” he writes, “the Trudeau government will seek to reinforce or shore up Canada’s advantage in three emerging fields: quantum tech, artificial […]

Big Data Is Useless Without a Big Strategy

All the best data analytics technology in the world isn’t helpful if bankers don’t know how to use it. Analytics tools that mine through data have become essential as banks look to give customers personalized, relevant communications and offers. But simply buying technology solutions isn’t enough; banks need to have the right people and processes […]


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