AFOSR Leadership Supports New Microplasma Center at Saint Peter’s College

(L-R) Saint Peter’s College President Eugene J. Cornacchia, Ph.D. accepts a large novelty check from AFOSR Director Dr. Brendan Godfrey and AFOSR program manager, Dr. Robert Barker. The money will help fund the formal establishment of the College’s Center for Microplasma Science and Technology. (Credit: Saint Peter’s College, Jersey City, N.J.)

ARLINGTON, VA.  — On Friday, April 17, 2009, Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) leadership traveled to Jersey City, N.J. to help celebrate the establishment of the St. Peter’s College (SPC) Center for Microplasma Science and Technology (CMST).

As part of the event hosted by SPC President Eugene J. Cornacchia, Ph.D., AFOSR Director Dr. Brendan B. Godfrey presented a large check to the Department of Applied Science and Technology to help establish the new center. The physical size of the $1,919,820 AFOSR grant check symbolized both AFOSR’s financial support and its enthusiasm toward the CMST.

“This new center promises to serve as a unifying focus and resource for the microplasma research community combining first-class, in-house research with excellent visiting scientist opportunities, broad student involvement, and even international workshops,” said Godfrey.

He also shared AFOSR’s enthusiasm about the outreach this new center is planning for the minority student community. “The science and engineering fields need to draw upon a broader talent base — one that encompasses our entire society,” he said.

The new CMST at Saint Peter’s College will serve as the nation’s first and only scientific and educational center devoted entirely to the emerging field of microplasma research in the United States.

The establishment of this unique center means a great deal to AFOSR, as the basic research performed here addresses a number of key Air Force requirements in areas as diverse as hypersonic actuators and pulsed power switching.

By sponsoring such programs, AFOSR continues to expand the horizon of scientific knowledge through its leadership and management of the Air Force’s basic research program.

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