May Newsletter

Spring Relaxation Fair While we all try our best to manage our stress during finals, sometimes we still end up feeling overwhelmed or anxious. While eating, sleeping, and exercising regularly are good preventative measures for managing stress, we can also combat stress with relaxation techniques that work right in the stressful moment. There are many […]

April Newsletter

Stress & Transitions For many of us, this spring is a time of transitions, including the upcoming graduation for seniors. Others are taking on more working hours as the summer approaches, going through breakups, or changing apartments or roommates. These can be unsettling times between periods of relative stability, so it’s totally normal to feel […]

March Newsletter

Wellness The Wellness Wheel describes multiple parts of the self that we can nurture to promote our own well-being as a whole person. We all have different ways of addressing each aspect of our wellness. Some people might find that they feel the best when they are out in nature addressing their environmental self—hiking or […]

February Newsletter

The Counseling Chronicle What is Test Anxiety? Test anxiety is not only uncomfortable, (Think: sweaty palms, pounding heart, racing thoughts, upset stomach or even panic attacks), but it can negatively affect our performance. This anxiety that results from the fear of not performing well in situations where we are evaluated can actually inhibit our ability […]


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