Resources & Links

Counseling and Psychological Services has researched several resources, phone numbers and websites on topics that often affect college students. Please browse through these sites to obtain further information and educate yourself on important issues. *Please note a website should not substitute seeking professional help, please call or visit us for further assistance.

Alcohol use and screenings

Concerned about your drinking use or someone else’s? Check out these sites for information about alcohol and its effects on college students. You can even take self-tests, anonymously, of course, to see how your drinking behavior compares to that of other students across the country.

Drug use

Smoking and tobacco

Anxiety, depression, mental health and more

We’ve all experienced feelings of sadness, loneliness or anxiety at some point during our lives. How do we know when it’s time to get help? How can we help someone we care about?

Coping with traumatic events

Rape/sexual assault/sexual harassment

Self-acceptance and eating disorders



Peer education

Are you interested in promoting health and wellness issues on campus? Want to learn about important issues affecting college students? Make a meaningful contribution to the Saint Peter’s University community, become a Peer Educator. For more information get in touch with Counseling and Psychological Services at (201) 761-6420 or simply fill out the application. Also, check out the Bacchus and Gamma website a non- for profit organization, which promotes student, campus and community-wide leadership on health and safety issues.

Campus resources

Office of Student Life and Development 201-761-7360
Athletics 201-761-7300
Campus Ministry 201-761-7390
Career Services 201-761-6400
Community Service and Service Learning 201-761-7396
Cooperative Education Program 201-761-6410
Experiential Learning 201-761-6400
Health Services 201-761-7445
Recreational Life Center 201-761-7308
Student Activities 201-761-7370
Residence Life 201-761-7130

Local resources

Women Rising: for women in various situations; battered womens’ shelter; will help with legal issues 201-333-5700
New Jersey Quitline: Toll free service that provides free to trained counselors in 26 languages to help you quit smoking 866-NJ-STOPS
Tobacco Dependence Treatment Program:
Provides assessment, behavioral therapy, pharmacotherapy and information and referral for a nominal fee to help you stop using tobacco
Domestic Violence: If you or someone you know is being abused, break the cycle, end the silence—Stop Domestic Violence 800-572-SAFE
Jersey City Preventive Medicine: Free testing for STDs 201-547-5535
JCMC: HIV counseling and testing 201-915-2545
AIDS Hotline: Referrals, information, counseling and testing locations 800-624-2377