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We chose “Invest. Inspire.” as our latest campaign theme because there is something incredibly powerful about two things happening in the same moment. Two things that inform each other, enrich each other and encourage even bigger actions than each thing could ever do alone.

This unique dynamic defines us as the small school with the huge impact, where even modest gifts can revolutionize an academic career.

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ribbon cutting

Saint Peter’s recently made history with the naming and dedication of the Caulfield School of Education, the University’s first named school.

A special ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the Caulfield School of Education, which was named in honor of Patrick J. Caulfield, Ph.D. ’47. Known as the founding father of the education program, Dr. Caulfield spent much of his life at Saint Peter’s, first as a student and then as a professor who spearheaded unique training programs for the early generations of education students.