Study by Sociology and Urban Studies Professor is Published in Shelterforce

Donal Malone, associate professor of sociology and urban studies, conducted an in-depth study on the unequal development of Jersey City with the help of Saint Peter’s students.

In the study Malone examines the transformation of Jersey City during the past quarter century. The city has experienced extraordinary economic growth creating more than 30,000 jobs and rejuvenating a once empty waterfront with office and condo towers. Today this area is home to some of Wall Street’s most famous companies such as, Merrill Lynch, J.P. Morgan and Chase. Major developers have built thousands of units of luxury housing and large hotel chains have arrived along with trendy bars and upscale restaurants. However, neighborhoods beyond the waterfront have not shared in Jersey City’s prosperity as many families struggle to make ends meet on modest incomes in a city with rising taxes, budget deficits and declining services.

An article on his study was recently published in Shelterforce, the nation’s oldest continually published housing and community development magazine. Check it out here: