Meryl Taradash in the Fine Arts Department Exhibits an Oil Wash Painting in New York City

unnamed-1Meryl Taradash, adjunct in the fine arts department, is exhibiting her oil wash painting of her grandfather at the Hebrew Union College Jewish Institute of Religion Museum in New York City through June 2017.

“I utilized my grandfather’s 1912 bar mitzvah photograph to compose my painting which was my method to convince him that I should study art. One evening I secretly left the painting, in my grandfather’s living room. The following semester, I began my studies in art and design at Pratt Institute,” she said about the piece.

In Paint By Numbers, the title and also a play on words of the large group exhibition “artists explore numbers integral to Jewish rituals, belief, historical dates and daily life. At the core of Biblical understanding since the Bible was codified and possibly before, numbers are the global language of humanity,” writes Laura Kruger, curator.

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