Saint Peter’s M.B.A. Leadership Class Hosted a Panel Discussion

unnamed-4-copySaint Peter’s M.B.A. Leadership Class hosted a panel discussion Tuesday night; panel attendees included Bruce B. Rosenthal, Ph.D., KPMG founding dean of the School of Business; Michele Tuck-Ponder, former mayor of Princeton Township; Tish Annette Castillo, director of the Hudson County Department of Corrections; and Eiline Roberts, director of Credit Risk Pershing LLC. The panel shared experiences from their leadership journey. Some of the key takeaways were:

  • Dr. Rosenthal stressed the value of “listening” and making people feel genuinely valued.
  • Roberts spoke of the impact of her upbringing which instilled the value of perseverance and patience.
  • Castillo conveyed the importance of personal courage; relating her experience of making a life and death decision on her first day as director.
  • Tuck-Ponder spoke about her core values of standing up for yourself and taking a stand when you know it’s right.