Special Program for Credit

Special Program for Credit

Are you an academically talented high school junior or senior?

Our Special Program for Credit provides students from participating high schools a unique opportunity to earn up to 12 college credits for advanced course-work. It also provides opportunities for these students to take one course per semester on campus during their junior or senior year.

Saint Peter’s University has evaluated select courses in certain high schools and has approved the faculty, syllabi and textbooks for college credit. All high school teachers participating in SPFC have earned advanced degrees and have received special adjunct faculty status from the University for this program.

In addition to offering credit programs in local high schools, the Special Program for Credit provides limited opportunities for students to take one course per semester in the day session on the Saint Peter’s campus during their junior or senior year in high school.


Approval of courses and faculty and admission of students are all handled by the Coordinator of the Special Program for Credit.

All SPFC courses are recorded on official Saint Peter’s University transcripts. To continue in the SPFC, students must earn a C or better in their courses. Any changes in a student’s registration (e.g., withdrawal from course) must be arranged with the SPFC Coordinator at the University.

If you are interested in SPFC please print, complete and mail the information sheet and someone will contact you within 5-7 business days.