Master of Science in Cyber Security



The Cyber Security Industry may seem like a bit of a dark art to outsiders. However, if you possess great problem solving skills and are able to learn systems quickly it can provide an incredibly rewarding and stable career…Read more

Here Are 10 of the Biggest Corporate Hacks in History

Who has been hacked? It might be easier to ask who hasn’t been hacked, as Fortune explores in the cover story of our Jul. 1 issue. The list below is just a sample of big companies and institutions struck by major data breaches in the past five years…Read more

The 5 cyber security tips that will stop you getting sacked

Nobody wants to be the employee who puts their company at risk because of poor cyber security practices. Not only will it most likely result in you being dismissed, but it will also have a long-running negative impact on the business…Read more

14 Questions to Ask Committing Cybersecurity Vendor

The cybersecurity tech market is crowded. Very crowded. Whether you’re in security, IT, or another related discipline, choosing vendors and products can be overwhelming and frustrating — and making bad choices can be costly up front as well as down the road…Read more

Top 5 Cyber Security Tips To Keep Hackers Away

The internet today is not as safe as many think it is as there are cyber predators lurking around every corner. Cyber-attacks set a record in 2016, with big names like Yahoo! LinkedIn, Tumblr, Ashley Madison and Tesco falling prey to cybercriminals. And according to most cyber security experts, this trend is only going to […]


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