The 2013 Michaelmas Convocation

Congratulations to all students honored at the 2013 Michaelmas Convocation. The ceremony follows the medieval tradition of convening the faculty and students to start the term and is celebrated in honor of the feast of the archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. Ten Saint Peter’s students with the highest grade point averages in the senior class, as well as other successful students were recognized. Those with the highest GPAs have joined the Most Noble Order of the Peacock (MNOP), the University’s top honor society. Today we welcomed Steven Sheftall, Sandesh Bhandari, Animesh Singh, Vanessa Vogel, Laura Reinhart, Aimee Schnecker, Shadman Hassan, Kevin Croucher, Tyler Carle, and Ayasser Ramirez into the Order. Joan Quigley ’77 delivered the Convocation remarks.

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