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Snow Closing Announcement for December 14, 2013

All campuses are closed and all classes are canceled as of noon on December 14, 2013 due to inclement weather.

Students should be aware that the driveway patterns may be changed due to construction vehicles on the property. Students may enter and exit property along the fence if necessary. The gym is also closed.

All students, faculty and staff must have a Saint Peter's University One Card with them in order to be admitted to the campus grounds. Security guards are now posted at the entryway in order to prevent members of the public from entering the property.

Please note the following:

In the event that the University has a delayed opening or is declared closed it is often the case that the areas below will offer modified hours to accommodate resident students. In the interest of safety please confirm that these locations are operational before venturing out. Hours of operation will depend on the situation and will be determined with the safety of students and staff in mind:

Facilities and Services

  • The Theresa and Edward O'Toole Library will operate on its regular schedule. For more information see the Library website.
  • The Mac Mahon Student Center. For more information see the Mac Mahon Center on Twitter.
  • The Victor R. Yanitelli, S.J. Recreational Life Center. For more information see Intramurals/RLC on Facebook.
  • For Dining Services information please call (201) 761-7380 or visit the Dining Services website.
  • For Shuttle Service information please call (201) 761-7403.

Campus Safety always remains available

If you need assistance please call (201) 761-7400.